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What’s In My Bag


One of my favorite features I see in magazines are those “what’s in my bag” stories. I love seeing what people have in there, it’s so interesting! Right? So as I reached for my bag one day I thought, huh. That might be a fun thing for a post on here – to show you what the heck is in my bag. I mean, WHY NOT.

So here it is!

To take the photo above, I LITERALLY dumped the contents of this bag out and besides a couple gum wrappers or coins, what you see above is what was really in there. These are truly my everyday must-haves!




  • This bag is Celine and I got in Chicago last summer as an early birthday present from Russ. It’s a light mint color and literally goes with everything. I love mint so the bag makes me totally happy. I also like to carry my olive Lululemon nylon crossbody on more “athleisure” days (I consider olive to be almost a neutral) and my black Prada Saffiano Double Zip satchel. I also have a tote and then a couple of Lulu workout bags that I like to use if it’s a gym-heavy day.
  • At night I’ll turn to a nude or black clutch, both by YSL (the black is a vintage one that used to be my moms.) I’ll throw in the card case below!



  • My main wallet was a Christmas present from my parents. I love all the compartments and it fits everything I need without being huge. I don’t wear a lot of red but the little red details I like as a little pop of color.
  • The little card holder by YSL I got at the store in SoHo last summer. Russ has a similar one too, and it’s just good to tuck in your ID and a couple cards and cash when you need to transition to a smaller clutch purse or stick it in your pocket.



  • My keychain was also a present from Russ, I think it was when I got my “dream car,” my Cadillac Escalade. That might be a really weird dream car (?) but it just has been forever – all black, dark windows, kinda gangster, you know? Anyway, that car key is on my keychain along with the keys to Russ’ car, a Tesla Model X (which is also all blacked out except for the interior which is white! The kids named that car “Panda.”)
  • I also have our house key, mail key, and my two gyms’ scan cards. I belong to two gyms – The Village at DC Ranch and EOS – and here’s why. The Village is where I primarily workout and take yoga, do training, the kids go to the childcare, I get my nails done there, and I meet up with friends at the cafe for lunch or coffee; it’s our main hangout and is right by our house. In fact, I’m here right now typing this blog post! EOS is a no-frills gym that is right by Paige’s school and at only $10/month, it’s where I pop in after dropoffs/before pickups when I just want to crank out a quick workout.



  • If there is one thing I go a little overboard on, it’s lipglosses. Prior to finding my favorites, I would routinely find 5 or so nude and light pink glosses in my purse. Now that I have found my two favorite types, these are what I always carry.
  • The NYX Butter glosses are amazing and SO inexpensive. I like two colors for two different looks : Eclair which is a pink brightens up my face when I have nothing else on my face except sunscreen (which is 95% of the time.) The nude one called Fortune Cookie I like to wear when I have makeup on because I usually do up my eyes more and like to keep a subtle look on my lips.
  • This Buxom Lipgloss is my other favorite gloss and I’ve been wearing this one for several years now. It’s similar to Eclair but has a lighter color. It has a more lush, plumping factor to it so when I feel like my lips are dry I reach for this one. It also wears well on top of lipstick. Not pictured is my signature lipstick, Creme Cup by MAC, which I wear at night.



  • This one is by my favorite brand, Le Specs. I have an all-black aviator by them, too. I have a low nose-bridge so sunglasses like aviators that have the adjustable nose-thing (you know what I’m talking about??) works best for me. Otherwise, they squish my eyelashes. I also love Quay and these ones are amazing and are plastic frames that sit far off enough that they don’t push into my eyelashes. Le Specs also has a similar plastic frame one I’ve been eyeing. All these are under $100!
  • A really bad habit I’m trying to break is throwing my sunglasses into my bag without putting them in their case. Working on it!



  • I now never leave home without my GEMFLEUR aromatherapy oils. Sometimes I’ll be a total weirdo and meditate in my car after dropping the kids off at school and breathe in “focus” to start my day. I’ll also bring one in with me for a yoga class (which I like “calm” or “focus.”) And if I’m tired mid-afternoon I’ll breathe in some “energy” or “de-stress.” I’m a huge believer in aromatherapy and the mind-body connection (think of how a scent can immediately trigger a memory) so these help set the tones of different times of my busy days on-the-go. They never leak or spill, either, and are the perfect size for carry-on travel (calms my flight anxiety, too.)
  • Sidenote! If you want to try them yourself (which trust me, you want to!) use the code MIKA for discounts on the GEMFLEUR site.


E T C .

  • Kid snacks, like “apple saucesauce” (which is what Paige calls them.)
  • Hairties. You can never have enough!
  • Rose Salve. I put this on my lips, the girls’ lips, and on my hands and cuticles in a pinch! I also have a tin of this in my bathroom and put it on in the morning and at night before bed. It’s not sticky at all.



Like I said, I feel like the contents of your bag shows a bit about you – and I wanted to give you a little peek into my life in this way! Trust me, my bag definitely gets messy (hello, momlife.) But I routinely clean it out and stay on top of it, thanks to my weekly routine outlined on my “week start checklist” which you can find more about here.


What’s in your bag? Anything similar to mine?



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