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You Asked :: My Hair Routine





I’m not a hair stylist or expert. I’m not a beauty blogger. NEAT Method has nothing to do with hair.

BUT I promised that if you commented or emailed a topic you wanted me to cover – I would be on it.

Not one to make and break promises, so here it is! 

What I, Mika Perry, do with my hair. 

There IS actually something about my hair I guess you could say is a bit of a trademark that friends and family know me by, and that is that I love big hair. I’m talking BIG. Here’s me a couple years ago ::



That’s big.


Here’s me at my wedding ::


Clearly there was a bit of volume involved.


And these are something you will ALWAYS find in my bag ::


Yes. I’ll tell you more in a minute!


I have naturally stick straight hair and have a lot of it but it’s also flat. I think that’s where the big hair started to come in. We always want what we can’t have – especially when it comes to hair, am I right? Why is that?

Nowadays, I have started to dial it down a notch on the volume. Partly because I think that’s where the trends have gone and I’ve finally given in, and partly because I just don’t have as much time to do my hair as I used to. #MOMFACT  We don’t have much time for hair. Thankfully, I have found amazing products, a stylist who gave me the color of my dreams, and tricks I found through trial and error that I think have helped me keep the volume but make it easy.

Here’s the story on my current hair routine ::

  • Wash almost every day (I like washing daily, but know it’s not good for your hair)
  • Air dry when I can; blow dry if I have to be out the door fast
  • Use a curling wand and put in some curls or waves. I separate my hair into just two top and bottom sections and go around my head. Sometimes I will leave the ends out to make them straight, sometimes not.
  • Tease it.
  • Spray it.
  • On days off, I will put it in a side braid. Thank goodness these are “in” right now because they are so easy.
  • When braids won’t do –HATS WILL. Lifesaver.

Here are my go-to favorite products I can’t live without. I’ve put them in the order that I use them, and you can click on each name for the link ::

  • Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner – I used to think really good shampoo and conditioner really didn’t matter, until I tried these. I love that you only have to use a tiny bit of each and I have found that I can go a day longer on my hair when I started using them. They smell amazing too! It’s quality stuff.
  • Moroccan Oil – Again, a tiny bit goes a long way on this one. And again, smells amazing, too! I’ll put in one pump while it’s wet.
  • A hair pick – DON’T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU TRY IT! This is something that bothers me when other people style my hair – they will use a fine-tooth comb to backcomb and my hair will end up a matted, tangled mess. I discovered years ago to use a wide-tooth comb or pick to tease the under layer of the hair into a poof (for a lack of better words) and then smooth down the top layer over it. This is my secret to big hair!
  • Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play – I buy this in bulk. After I’ve used the pick, I’ll spray those sections with this magical spray. It holds all day.
  • Unite Texturizing Spray –  After I cut my hair into a shorter, blunt cut this year, I wanted to give some messy pieces up top and the sides, and this gives me the volume and texture to work with. This has nothing on the Oribe sprays, in my opinion.

For my color? That’s ALL Maggie Hancock (@maggiemh) She paints on some balayage. I know she uses Olaplex. And every time I tell her to “make me as ashy as possible” … which is impossible because we’re still trying to get rid of the dark that was put into my hair a few years ago and it just pulls warm. One trick she taught me with toning down brassiness when you can’t get to the salon is to put on purple shampoo on DRY hair, which soaks it up and really works. In fact, I just did that this morning!

OK. So I’m going to get a bit serious here.

Another very real and candid reason why I decided to share about hair here is because I have struggled with hair loss. After having babies it just falls out after the 3 month mark (I know that’s common –hormones are crazy!) and in response to stress I have also had significant loss (it’s happened twice, and I know that is also a common autoimmune response.) I think it’s ironic that a person like me who loves big hair has had to figure out hair loss! As vain as it sounds, our hair becomes part of who we are – and you don’t really understand that until it starts going away. I remember my doctor telling me “hair is important for women so I’m going to do everything I can do help you.” That comforted me because I truly felt embarrassed by it.

So in that light, I know I’m not a hair expert BUT I was asked to share about it, I wanted to pass along products that have been recommended (because that is how I find out what to try and buy) and I wanted to let anyone else out there struggling with hair loss that I know it is NOT FUN and I get it. You’re not alone 🙂

Wishing you all a good hair day!




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2 Responses
  • Caroline
    August 30, 2016

    Thank you so much! I have thin straight hair (used to be more wavey but after kids that went out the door!) also I a have a thyroid condition so I completely understand hair loss (I never had thyroid disease until I had kids) and I swear by big sexy hair products! ESP the hair spray. I have to admit I use a comb to tease my hair but I’m totally taking ur advice on the picks, hopefully it works on thin hair. Thank you again for your list of products, your hair is beyond gorgeous, as are you and your blog!!

  • Taniya
    August 31, 2016

    I’ve always loved your hair, it’s gorgeous! I would never have guessed you struggle with hair loss, you’re always so put together and look fantastic. You’re SO brave for sharing your story, and so inspiring! It’s interesting that it happened while you were pregnant. I didn’t lose much head hair, but my eyelashes fell out with each of my own pregnancies. (So weird!) Needless to say, I’ve been wearing falsies ever since. They are a lifesaver! Thanks again for sharing – you are beautiful inside and out. 🙂

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